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weird spam problem with only a few emails

Discussion in 'E-mail Discussion' started by fearmydesign, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. fearmydesign

    fearmydesign Well-Known Member

    Aug 24, 2009
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    Hello everyone, I am having a huge spam problem and I am trying to figure out what's going on, hope you can help me.

    There are 3 or 4 emails addresses under our company domain which are getting 300 to 400 spam emails every single day. We have over 50 email addresses, but only these 3 or 4 are getting this much spam.

    This whole problem started when we switched to a GoDaddy Windows server. Then after all this spam problem, we switched back to a Linux server, but they are still getting all this spam.

    Can anyone provide suggestions, tips, or things that we can check on the server to fight all this spam from these particular emails or all the emails? I greatly appreciate it, thank you.

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  2. NixTree

    NixTree Well-Known Member

    Aug 19, 2010
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    Gods Own Country
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    Root Administrator

    Please make sure that spamassassin in enabled for you account. Once it is enabled, you may configure it from your cPanel for your domain. Please set the spam score to 4(default should be 5) and enable spambox. Then use the configure spam assassin option to backlist the email addressed from which you get spam emails more frequently.

    You can also configure the filters using "Use Level filtering" and create rules to eliminate spam emails having a common criteria.

    If you are hosted on a dedicated server, you have great options like Configservers Mailscanner and ASSP, also you can place custom exim filters instead of cPanels default one by editing /etc/antivirus.exim

    Thank you.
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  3. vincentg

    vincentg Well-Known Member

    May 12, 2004
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    new york
    Although I am not a big fan of filters, for reasons I will not go into here, your host should have filters enabled on the server.

    Cpanel supports good filter services and this in combo with Spam Assassin can greatly improve your service.

    By use of Outlook Rules you can move all messages marked as Spam to a junk folder for inspection as some emails may be marked as Spam from legitimate senders.

    The junk folder can be set to auto delete the messages after X number of days so you don't even have to worry about it.

    I recomend changing the default setting of 5 to no lower than 3 for the spam setting.

    You can set the auto delete but I do not recomend it as again you may have important emails that can be flagged as spam.

    From my viewpoint spam can not be eliminated without causing problems which may be worse than the spam itself. The goal is then to try to get it down to an acceptable level.

    I get on 20 email accounts about 300 to 400 a month in my junk folder and a about 5 per day across all 20 accounts get through not marked as spam.

    I think this is not bad and I can live with it.


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