What are Ideal backup and log generation settings?


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Sep 26, 2005
My bad if such a topic is already around (probably is),
I did use the search function but was unable to find a direct related topic.

I'm hoping some of you have a free moment to assist me with this silly issue.

Now let me explain my situation,
I have a Dual xeon server running CentOS (2GB ram and main 150GB harddisk being in raid1),
its properly secured and im the only one with the WHM access for it.
I have a seperate harddisk in it for backups (250GB).
The average server loads are what I consider "normal" (from 0.3~0.8 depending on the time of day)

I run multiple big sites and small projects on it (Not webhosting, just my own sites),
Lately as my website has been expanding i'm noticing that backups & logs are starting to eat away my valuable resources and even to the point where my websites will be inaccessable at certain times(happens both logs and backups and i do not run them simultaniously).

at the moment backups are set to be done once a week (mondays)
stats are generated twice a day.

the backups do in fact compress to save space (maybe turning this off? how?),
but both when making backups and generating stats when i watch the server processes,
I see my log or backup process happily taking up 99% CPU and sometimes driving my server load to 4.0 and higher, while my harddisk swap load seems normal, nothing too high (even though i have configured in my WHM that stats should suspend when exceeding loads of 4).

Now the fact that my server almost dies everytime during backups or log generation shouldn't be correct, I know that there are many webhosters that have managed to balance loads just fine and some even claiming to make backups every 2 hours or so!

So with that in mind my question is: what would be the best way to configure my server for stats generation and backup processing.

I imagine hosting companies might do their backups uncompressed to some NAS storage or other server. This would explain how they have little issue with making backups every 2 hours. I do have other servers which i could use for backup storage (through ftp).

Now i'm hoping someone could reply with what they consider to be optimal settings and configurations for backups or link me to a topic I migh thave overlooked.

Thanks in advance :)
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