What did you did with the cPanel DNS version?


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Mar 22, 2008
If would be nice if someone from cPanel actually explains what they do with the cPanel DNS Only version since the release 11.40, its a nightmare.

First most cPanel DNS servers which never had a problem all of them start to auto update automatically to 11.40, yes it seems the feature which allows you to choose this is gone. You cannot select to have only security updates, or OS or nothing at all and set to manual. They will upgrade on their done even when you don´t want so. And this post is exactly the reason why I HATE things that auto update without planning on my own. Having to leave your daily tasks to fix servers because they updated out of the planned schedules.

So, the cPanel DNS servers upgraded and allot of them failed, there is a message on WHM which says:
The last attempt to update cPanel & WHM was blocked. Details

On some you click on this warning and it shows a modal with the reason, and others it does nothing when clicked. It seems it fails because 11.40 requires MySQL 5.1 version. Fine, except that the cPanel DNS version does not have MySQL upgrade options !!!! So you need to change things manually.

This message appears on most of them even while some seems to have updated as they show 11.40 and the new cPanel options. Bug?

Also, the welcome screen gives you the choice to select the options which actually have absolutely no meaning in a DNS servers, like log archiving for accounts, etc. Its just the same one you get on normal cPanel versions... Why is the DNS version even asking me that? I know why later...

So I fix the MySQL and upgrade them to 5.1, even while I use BIND which does not require MySQL, well, it seems the cPanel DNS still requires it for some internal features.... (probably which you don´t use and will never use, waste of resources even having mysql running for nothing on a BIND server).

Now, most servers fail again and I receive daily emails that say there is not enough space. It seems this new cPanel DNS version takes a couple of Gigs of space on their own. I say to myself, what? This must be wrong, the cPanel DNS version had more or less 300 MB, yeah well, it seems the servers fail again to update (because they try to update themselves every night even when I don´t want :mad:) because it says cPanel requires 1.6 GB of space, (which is actually available but it still complains in some servers)

So I checked and indeed, it seems its downloading the "FULL" cPanel version on very single DNS server. That is right, you will find all type of logs and files, Attracta, themes, I mean everything. Its downloading absolutely everything while all it has to do is just use BIND and sync with other cPanel DNS servers and cPanel Web Servers.

Since I cannot turn the auto updates off, I have a nasty message every day that the updates the server and fails, every single day. Not to mention in some servers I had the tweak settings the old style Apache Popup on logins, and guess what? I cannot disable this either, as those settings are also gone. So they download the whole malware and adware like Attracta, and every possible plugin, file and software into the cPanel DNS servers but they interface is even more limited. Has this even the basic logic? Do I need Exim running on DNS server? Actually most things running which do not need to be running?

What in the world is going on? Why is cPanel sending me several gigs of junk? Honestly Im starting to think that using the cPanel DNS version is a very bad idea. Maybe I just go with a minimal CentOS and BIND and thats it because that is all I want. This cPanel DNS version was nice, minimal, light and did the work for easy DNS management, now its a resource hug, problematic and probably very, very insecure as it has allot of things normally do not need to be on a DNS server and I assume most sysadmins do not expect these things there either.

Not only is this a security risk but now most DNS servers which are minimal 10 GB on their setups, are filled up completely and complaining about now having enough for future cPanel updates (1.6 GB). It seems it requires this free upfront, even while cPanel files are the ones taking most of the space which is ridiculous, I need to remove cPanel files in order to update cPanel.

PLEASE cPanel correct this version again. Strip it down to 300 MB, remove all this data from servers which we will NEVER EVER use, because the cPanel DNS only does not need spamassin or webalizer or all that other stuff installed. Also please do not update my servers anymore, give us the setting in WHM to disable this.

It seems someone in the developing was so lazy that they just took a standard full cPanel version, made some limitations in the GUI and released it as the cPanel DNS only and then decided to upgrade servers like this. How awful.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

You have posted about several different issues here. A support ticket would be more useful in this case so we can access the server, reproduce the issues, and open bug reports if necessary. You can open a ticket using the link in my signature.

Thank you.