What do use to track your client traffic?


Apr 13, 2003
Hey everyone, need some help with this one. As of late, my server has been hitting 4 - 6 mbps an hour here and an hour there. My data center has disabled 8 accounts that have high bandwidth, about 30 - 50 GBs in traffic a month. However the spikes are still happening in MRTG I can see it at about 3mpbs in the last hour, its 4AM ATM.

My question is, what do you guys use in the way of scripts to monitor your servers account based so you can see what each client is doing?

I am wondering if there is a script available that will auto suspend accounts for example if they go over a certain amount of BW in a 15 minute interval or so.

Also need one that will monitor all all ports by client username so I can see what is happening server wide by clients.

Basically at this point, my admin has suspended 8 clients all of a sudden saying he thinks it is streaming media, however all the big accounts are disabled now and it is still showing 3mbps on MRTG so I am thinking something else is going on with the server.

So the big question is. What do you all use to track your clients traffic to ensure this doesn't Happen? There must be a better way than playing hit or miss with your clients.

Let me know what you think or if you have any suggesstions.