What else to backup? I'm moving to RHE.


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Jul 9, 2003

Tomorrow is the day, I'm upgrade to RHE. I've always done the automated backups daily/weekly/monthly via cPanel, but I'm curious what these miss?

What server settings will it miss? I see a directory in the backup folder called /files/, it looks to have backups of all my httpd.conf and other configuration files. Does it miss anything?

What exactly is the /dirs/ backup folder for? I see var_named.tar.gz among others, is this the actual named directory?

If these are indeed all the settings for my system, is there a way in WHM to restore them? So that the SSL certificates currently installed, and IP's, DNS custom MX Entries and more are all brought over to my newly upgraded system?

I currently am running RH 7.3 and am moving to RHE. I've got to minimize downtime, so any automated restoring I can do is definatly a plus.

Thanks for your time.