What is a default WHM or CPanel install?


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May 17, 2013
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Hi All

I've got a number of servers across a number of data centres.

All are WHM /CPanel on a Linux platform, mostly Centos and either DS or VM on Xen.

The issue I have is that I am seeing extreme differences in configurations.

In one dc everything works fine except for the apache permissions that seem to require an odd chown / chmod change in order for the installed apps to function. Not a major issue.

In another DC I have had issues since day one with IP addresses being flagged as incorrect, an error preventing parked domains being added, but apache permissions being apparently simple and working without change.

But the kicker was today when migrating some cpanel accounts to a third DC on a new DS with Centos Cpanel that, while all the domain config worked well, configuring a simple Wordpress site is stalled with a permissions issue.

I have collected all the common config files for WHM CPanel for each of 3 servers. I then downloaded these and run them through my BeyondCompare folder and file comparison tool and all 3 servers have radically different settings. Not one config file is the same. In some cases the config files have numerous points of difference, in most they are different by 100's lines.

Asking each of the DC's for their configuration process, all 3 DC's support responses state that they emphatically use default CPanel settings.

Ok. If I change nothing from the defaults and the DC implementation is a default install, how on earth can I end up with so many differences.

Can anyone tell me how to create, or modify, a number of cpanel servers to have consistent configurations without spending days manually trawling through every individual setting.

Thanks in advance.



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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

You can find a guide on advanced Pre-Installation configuration options at:

cPanel Pre-Installation

However, most of the problems you described sound like they are related to the PHP handler. Have you checked "WHM Home » Service Configuration » Configure PHP and suEXEC" to see if they are all using the same PHP handler? By default, suPHP is enabled.

Thank you.