Nov 6, 2001

This is related to the apache 1.3.28 update, it screwed up and apache started with Error - 500 internal server error on all http request, tried all easyapache options with no luck, and forced to bring down to 1.3.27 again.

also remove mod_log_bytes mod_bwlimited, commented out both the module from httpd.conf, plus all BytesLog lines

apache started and run smooth for few hours, somthing stuck and the monitoring program try to restart apache, it failed with something like 'Invalid command 'BytesLog in line...', I double check httpd.conf and a new line of 'BytesLog' is added in all vhost section again, I have to manually comment them out to allow apache to restart.

This is the third day I am having this problem, and I need a temp fix to allow me to migrate to a new box with fresh install at month end.

Question :-

1. what is checking the httpd.conf and add those 'BytesLog' lines ?

2. what can I do to stop this process ?

Please help.

Thank you.

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Mar 23, 2002
You shuld either allow for it my make sure the path for the logfiles is available, or you shuld comment out not only from virtual host container, but from the general config.

Its a module and you shuld find where it is and comment it out. It shuld be LoadModule and AddModule pretty on the top.

Hope this is the correct answar to your problem :) Anyway to comment out this module shuld prevent the lin for this to be added to new virthostcontainers.

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