What is the best way to move servers?


Aug 2, 2011
Good Day All,

We just signed up with a new hosting company for our web hosting needs. We currently have a dedicated server solution in LA, and just yesterday got setup with our new server locally in Dallas.

The server in LA is now about 3 years old, and so we are upgrading very nicely to a new server with a lot more storage space and available bandwidth etc.

Both servers are running cPanel right now and I am trying to research to see what the best method would be to move servers is. I have a month or so to transfer all of our domains, which could really be done in a day, but I would like to take my time over the next couple of weeks with it.

How could I get the new server to sync up with the old server, so once synchronized I simply need to alter our domains' DNS to start using the new server?

The new server obviously has its own set of IP addresses available, different "home" folder to the old server, etc.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated!


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Oct 2, 2010
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The best method would be to use WHM > Transfers > Copy multiple accounts/packages from another server area, since this will copy all individual cPanel account settings to the new machine. I would suggest only doing a few domains at a time due to how long you have to get everything moved. That way you could move the accounts in batches, ensure they are working on the new machine, and change over the DNS at that point.

Additionally, you might want to temporarily reduce the TTL values for the DNS records so they will update more quickly when you do change everything over.