what is the Best Xnix for Cpanel ?


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Oct 18, 2003

What is the best OS for Cpanel Server :

CentOS 4
CentOS 3
Debian Linux 3.1
FreeBSD 6
FreeBSD 5.4
Fedora Core 3
Fedora Core 4
Fedora Core 5
Redhat Enterprise Linux 4.0
Redhat Enterprise Linux 3.0



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Mar 13, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
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Centos seems to be pretty much the standard these days, which by defacto seems to make it the "best". Sometimes what is standard is best to use simply because support is more available, and it is better understood both in support terms (better quality support) and in implementation terms (meaning cpanel is more stable on it).

Having said that, Debian and FreeBSD are both very nice, and if you are a Debian lover I'm sure you'd be very happy with it.

My feeling is that Centos 4 performs better under load, though others should feel free to correct me. I'm running Centos on two servers and the Centos 4 server, though newer, seems more responsive.