What means "queueprocd failed" ?


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Mar 2, 2014
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Recently I have a lot of bugs in my server in few choices, per example, accounts from WHM disappear, or IMAP don't found magically... (only this two by moment)

When I execute:

All starts working again, but I'm worried about something can be wrong. Any idea?

Today, arrives an e-mail like this:

Server: blablabla.mydomain.com
Primary IP: ip
Service: queueprocd
Notification Type: failed
Notification: queueprocd failed @ Fri Jan 2 15:01:06 2015. A restart was attempted automagically.
Service Check Method: [check command]
Number of Restart Attempts: 1
Service Check Raw Output: queueprocd is not running
Startup Log: No startup log
Memory Information: • Used: 202MB
• Available: 1792MB
• Installed: 1995MB
Load Information: 2.31 2.25 1.95
Uptime: 10 days, 1 hours, 49 seconds
IOStat Information: avg-cpu: %user %nice %system %iowait %steal %idle
36.60 1.13 24.33 0.33 0.20 37.41
Device: tps Blk_read/s Blk_wrtn/s Blk_read Blk_wrtn
xvda 119.01 1687.99 2847.60 1469541386 2479078288
xvdb 1.32 10.90 8.54 9486048 7438576
ChkServd Version: 15.6
Thanks and Happy New Year to all WHP/cPanel Team :)
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