What would a small established hosting co. sell for?


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May 24, 2006
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I'm curious to know what you think a small hosting service would sell for with the following stats:

Server - 1 dedicated, RHEL 3, dual xeon 2.8ghz, 2gb ram, cpanel/whm, dual 120gb ide drives (2nd drive is cp backup from main drive), 2500gb monthly bandwidth allotment, 100mb uplink, located at the planet.

Monthly cost - $225
Monthly income after expenses - $700
Customer accounts - 150
Current disk space used - 45% per drive
Average monthly bandwidth usage over past 3 months - 160gb / month
Time in business - over 6 years

The customers would definitely want to stay on the box as most of them would face a big task to try to move their sites, and they're very happy with the server/service. Over 90 of those customers have been with the company for well over a year, most of them several years, so they're sure to be around a long time.

Is this something that a somewhat larger company might be interested in picking up, and what do you think is a fair asking price?