Whats the best/recomended way to add sites to WHM/cpanel ?


Jan 5, 2016
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Hello friends, am new to the forums.

I run my own sites,not a reseller, add sites whenever i develop interest in some topics...have root access to WHM

I had a question that whats the best way to add sites to WHM ?
Here are the details:
I had recently migrated to a new vps provider.

On our old vps provider , we use to add sites all sites under 1 cpanel account [thats the way our old web host had advised us] . ie. one site was in public_html while others were inside their own folders in public_html [and these sites were added like an addon domains in this single cpanel account]

Whereas our New VPS provider recommends to create a new cpanel account for every website we want to run. They advised us that it was easier to track problems to see which website is creating a problem. And this indeed helped us zeroing on one of our sites which was causing problems recently .
I did see the benefit in this as said by our new host

My knowledge is limited & am learning more about WHM/cpanel stuff , i want to know your suggestion/recommendations as to what is the best way to achieve that and why i.e. should we create new cpanel account for every site or add all sites under just 1 cpanel account ?

Thanks :)


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

The use of individual accounts instead of addon domain names on a single account is mostly a personal preference. There's no performance gains from separate accounts, however it's easier to make changes and organize the websites individually with separate cPanel accounts. Also, should a third-party need access to an account, using multiple accounts allows you to isolate the third-party to a specific account instead of granting access to all of them.

Thank you.