Jul 25, 2005
Im getting many email messages from exim saying that its failed yet it hasnt failed.

Exim is restarting every 10min. Why is that? Everytime it restarts i get a FAILED EXIM message. Iooked though my old logs and exim restarts every 2hrs but i never received exim failed messages.

Now with the update, exim is restarting every 10 min.

2005-09-19 15:00:04 exim 4.52 daemon started:

2005-09-19 15:09:31 exim 4.52 daemon started: etc!

Exim is restarting every 10min? :confused: Why am i annoyed? Because all 10 of my servers send me a exim message every 10min. This is crazy!
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