When will scheduled backups resume after manual backup is performed?


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Mar 29, 2005
Yesterday (Dec 14 Australian time) I ran a manual backup using /scripts/cpbackup --force.

Today I noticed that the scheduled backup didn't backup any accounts.

The log says ...

[cpbackup] Started at Wed Dec 15 00:07:01 2010
[cpbackup] Daily Backup is up to date.
[cpbackup] Completed at Wed Dec 15 00:07:02 2010

When will the backup system determine that the daily backup from the 14th is out of date?


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Feb 25, 2010
Houston, TX
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cpbackup looks at the timestamps of the backup archives. A daily backup will not be made again until the existing daily archives are 24 hours old. Likewise, weekly backups need to be 7 days old, and so on. After running a manual backup, it is best to avoid running any new manual backups in order to let the automatic backup "catch up" with the timestamps, i.e. let the timestamps age so that backups will again be done automatically.