Where Can I find server security test scripts and tools?


Feb 16, 2002
Thanks for those links.

sawbuck said:
Assume you are already familiar with chkrootkit and rkhunter?
Yes I am familar with those

Any idea what this one is:
checking system functions:

popen OK

exec OK

shell_exec OK

system OK

passthru failed

system checks returned: VULNERABLE

checking reading functions:

highlight_file failed

virtual failed

filegetcontents failed

show_source failed

readfile failed

fopen failed

file failed

reading checks returned: OK

checking misc filesystem functions:

opendir $cwd OK

readdir $cwd OK

opendir / failed

mkdir failed

rmdir failed

copy failed

copy2/tmp OK

unlink failed

link failed

symlink failed

misc filesystem checks returned: OK

checking mysql functions:

mysql_pconnect skipped

mysql_connect skipped

mysql checks returned: SKIPPED

PHP check returned: VULNERABLE