Where is nsupdate and named output written?

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Jun 30, 2016
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While attempting to setup a dynamic DNS script, I would like to see the output of nsupdate commands (or named). I've read many tutorials that point to /var/log/syslog, however, that does not exist on the VPS I manage. I don't see anything appearing in any files located in /var/log or /usr/local/cpanel/logs.

Where does the output of these commands go?
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Nov 14, 2017
Thank you ffeingol for supplying a link that clearly displays /var/log/messages at the top, with very clear letters "named or bind".

@ffeingol is correct though and it's stated as such in the documentation that was linked:

/var/log/messagesThis file contains the login attempts and general error messages for the following services:
  • FTP
  • The nameserver daemons
    • named or bind.
    • MyDNS

      We deprecated the MyDNS and NSD nameservers in cPanel & WHM version 78 and plan to remove them a future release. We strongly recommend that you migrate to PowerDNS. For more information, read our cPanel Deprecation Plan.
    • PowerDNS
    • NSD
  • The SSH daemon (sshd).
  • The Courier mail server.
    We removed the Courier mail server in cPanel & WHM version 54. The Courier mail server only exists for cPanel & WHM version 11.52 and earlier.
  • The Dovecot® mail server.

Specifically the line:
  • named or bind.

You can enable verbose logging of dnsadmin which would go to /usr/local/cpanel/logs/dnsadmin_log

Otherwise, if you've enabled a custom log location you'd need to check the conf file for the nameserver you're running.