where is the x theme in the filesystem


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Feb 19, 2006
No, well it can be done, i have done it a few times, but a large security risk and people can gain access to root files. You need to edit the ftp files to add a new user.


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Oct 15, 2003
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You obviously should never give access to sensitive areas of your system to anyone other than yourself or your system administrator.

If you're the owner of the server, you can of course just use SFTP and your root login details to access any directory on the server, but you shouldn't give others root access.

If you want to give someone a copy of the "x" XSkin theme so they can edit it, just use the cPanel theme download link in root WHM, give them the copy and when they are finished, they can give you back the theme and you can put it in place.

Remember, x is a theme maintained by cPanel Inc., so if you make changes to x, you should rename the theme to something else so it doesn't get overwritten by the next cPanel update.