Apr 8, 2008
OK; so I just joined and am particularly interested in getting a phpBB board up and going. In both the documentation and the information as I was registering elude to a software installer. I found the page with software, but it only has one bulletin board software ready to install - YaBB. (See copy of page text below). Where do I find the phpBB install? Is it in some other folder?

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It seems your web hosting provider has disabled the ability to install PhpBB via the cPanel interface. You should contact them regarding this issue.

I know we currently only support PhpBB2 and PhpBB3 is substantially superior to version 2 so it may simply be a matter of them wanting you to use a more up-to-date version of the software.

Contact your hosting provider regarding this as they may have installed a plug-in that makes installing a more up-to-date version of PhpBB very easy.