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Which Apache mods should I have enabled on my small VPS?

Discussion in 'Workarounds and Optimization' started by OC2PS, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. OC2PS

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    Oct 29, 2012
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    I am very sorry for this question, but I really am a noob, and searching didn't help
    What is the difference between

    Next, once again my apologies for such an exansive, generic, probably hard-to-pin-down question, and I will greatly appreciate all advice
    I have a small VPS (4 x quad core, 3GB RAM, Xen, CentOS 6 64-bit, Apache, cPanel, PHP, mySQL. Scripts: WordPress, OpenCart, bbPress, phpBB, Menalto Gallery). I am trying to get rid of all mods that I don't need / am not using. Please can you help me identify which ones I should remove?

    My host says: The loaded Apache Modules are:
    Compiled in modules:

    Seems pretty clear to me that this is core and so required.

    No clue what this is. But I suspect it has to do with the core, so planning to leave this alone.

    Again, not sure what this mumbo jumbo means. What are threads? What are thread-safe libraries? Which libraries are non-thread-safe?
    My previous understanding was that what prefork does is pre-load some of the code so that it doesn't need to be loaded upon requests and so requests can be served quickly.
    But now I am confused.
    Keep or ditch?

    Ok, so, I suspect I need this because the scripts do deal with upload, download and management of files including images/media and other types

    Ok, pretty sure I need that.

    Hmm...not sure...what would be some examples of situations where this is useful/used?

    Not quite sure what this means and what this is used for. If I disable this, will my scripts not be able to handle login/logout functionality? Which specific authentication does this refer to?

    Ok, I know I need mod_authz_host. But I have only one user on my VPS. Do I need authz_default, authz_user and authz_groupfile?

    Ok, so, required.

    I suspect this has been enabled by mod_pagespeed so I will leave this alone.

    I suspect this is pretty much required.

    Yup, need it.

    I imagine this is needed too.

    Yup, I need this.

    Say what?

    Still don't get it. In which situations would this be needed?

    Sounds like something that is probably required.

    Not sure if I need this. Wouldn't I have server config info available in my cPanel anyway?

    Sounds like something important. Thinking of leaving it alone.

    Sounds like something that would take up immense amounts of storage. Do I need it?

    Once again suspected work of mod_pagespeed. Leaving it alone.

    Sounds very important. Leaving it alone.

    Sounds important. Leaving it alone.

    I have a website with I also have another mapped to it. Then there are subdomains e.g. and also as add-on domain. Do I need these proxy mods? Do they have ANYTHING to do with domains? What are they used for?

    WordPress, OpenCart and Menalto all use "pretty URLs" so this is a must.

    Sounds like something that would be required.

    This is probably required for the whole module system to work.

    Do I need this? Am I even using SSL?

    How dispensable is this? Are there other ways to get the same information?

    I guess I need this as my PHP handler is suPHP

    What are the conditions where this would be important/useful?

    I guess I don't need this.

    I would greatly appreciate any guidance. Thank you.

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