Which is better: 1 domain for each account or addon to reseller?


Aug 23, 2015
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Hello friends,
I am a newbie lover of cPanel.

I builded several web sites in different folder ON THE SAME ACCOUNT before discover that cPanel doesn't works like Plesk!!!

Well... Seems that cPanel works better if any single domain is associated to one single account, and each single web site is putted in this single account.
Right? Or perhaps am I wrong?

Thisi is magic because any website is totally independent and separated, because each account is that...

But I serious unconfortable with, because:

1) there isn't any Super Mega Root Admin account I can use to see ALL MY FOLDER SITES and copy, move, check all my sites from a single FTP session or File manager view?????
Ok, I can switch from cPanel accounts, but when I discover a little trick and i want to put it in every .htaccess file of 30 web sites... May I WHINE a little???
... and what about if I want to create a htaccess for all my websites??? Because I don't have an idea of where I can found a root... of all roots! :-DDDD

2) there is another question related where I lost myself: if I create a RESELLER account, how can I create "child accounts" of this reseller account with different level of permission IN CPANEL?

This is my dream..............

- A SuperAdmin able to see and manage in FTP all the roots of all the resellers account and single domains/accounts

- A Reseller like actually is: he can see only his children and has some limitations, for example he can't login in WHM?

- A simple account that can see only his folder's domain BUT HE CAN LOGIN EVEN IN A VERI LIMITED VERSION OF CPANEL where for example, he can see his MyAdmin, but can not add domain and so on...

Maybe cPanel is ALREADY near to my dream more than I supposed to???? ;-)


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

It's likely a better idea to create separate accounts for each domain name if they are managed by separate website owners instead of just one person. You could utilize SSH or SFTP to access all of your accounts as "root". You can access a reseller account through Web Host Manager by entering the reseller account username instead of the "root" username. I suggest reviewing our documentation as most of these questions are explained in full detail:

cPanel and WHM Documentation

Thank you.