WHM 10.0.0 cPanel 10.0.0-R7 was down, now monitor is not statusing services right


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Oct 6, 2004
WHM 10.0.0 cPanel 10.0.0-R7

Today WHM/cPanel went down on our VPS for the reason unknown to me - we had some fork and memory allocation issues, had to ask our support to reboot it. After reboot, WHM was reporting BIND as running although it was not. Exim, Exim Stats and cppop were also reported as failed.

I have started BIND from SSH, and after WHM/cPanel restart mails started coming through, but WHM is still reporting them as failed. SSH Top command neatly displays Exim as running and all works.

What is wrong again?

Oh yes, root doesn't get mailed about Exim not being able to start, it is at least not mailing me every 15 minutes... :mad:
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