WHM 11.46 Upgrade failing - /usr directory running out of space


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Jun 5, 2006
Dallas, TX
When both of my servers try to upgrade to 11.46 they run out of space in the usr partition (it slowly climbs up to 100%) and then fail.

The end of the update logs contain a bunch of errors like this:

[20141109.230200] installing package cpanel-bootstrap-devel-3.1.1-2.cp1142.noarch needs 83MB on the /usr filesystem
[20141109.230200] installing package cpanel-perl-514-Math-Permute-List-1.004-1.cp1146.x86_64 needs 83MB on the /usr filesystem
[20141109.230200] installing package cpanel-perl-514-Cpanel-Class-v1.0.6-1.cp1146.x86_64 needs 83MB on the /usr filesystem
[20141109.230200] installing package cpanel-perl-514-Config-Simple-4.58-1.cp1146.x86_64 needs 83MB on the /usr filesystem

Both servers have over 2gb free in the /usr partitions when the upgrades start:

/usr 73% (7,026,840 of 10,154,020)

/usr 71% (5,789,932 of 8,123,200)

Any ideas? The script obviously thinks they have enough space to begin the upgrade, or it would fail before it even started the process.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

The output you provided indicates /usr partitions with around 10G and 8G overall size. Per our documentation, it's advised to have at least 16G for /usr if you use advanced partitioning:

Advanced Partitions

However, it's a common mistake to setup separate partitions when you don't really need to. You can review the recommended partition setup here:

Configuring OS Before Installation

As far as your current issue, check to see what's taking up most of the space on /usr to see if any of it is removable or able to be moved to another partition.

Thank you.