WHM 8.5.4 cPanel 8.5.4-B30 issue with Exim


Oct 5, 2003
There is a problem with WHM 8.5.4 cPanel 8.5.4-B30 and Exim. Exim is currently showing a RED status, without sending an exim failed msg btw, after we edited the ACL Rules via the Exim Configuration Editor. There were no reported errors after we SAVED the changes and exim seems to be working however the status displays RED without waring us.

We are also using MailScanner and i can see where there may be a possible problem here. Why is exim.conf being copied to exim_outgoing.conf? While exim.conf should definately be copied to exim_outgoing.conf the outgoing file should be a VIRGIN copy of exim.conf. Exim.conf gets saved with our new exim rules however exim_outgoing.conf should not be reflecting these changes. Exim_outgoing.conf should be a virgin copy of exim.conf and that is not the case here.

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