May 4, 2002
newbie asking for some help... :)

My hosting provider has provided me with access to cpanel and WHM, I feel that I am quite limited from the WHM menu options. I believe I have been restricted quite a bit.. Below I have done a outline of menu options what I see.. even when I click on &list subdomains& I dont get anything..!!! even though i have created subsomains from cpanel.. Can anyone tell me what am I confused about.. am I doing something wrong? And what can I NOT do from the menu that I have.. (shown below)

Oh.. I cant even add account from WHM.. but I can from cpanel.... Isnt it meant to be the other way around.. WHM an dnot cpanel to create accounts???

2) How do I move my data over from a messaging app that I had running from my previous provider over to the new (different named) mysql DB, is there an easy way.. i.e export import etc..?
Would it creat fields automatically when imported into new db?

Have a feeling that a table has been locked from app provider developer so he doesnt disclose some information .. can this be verified if there is data there or not? Can this be moved over to new db also if so required?

Hope someone can shine some light and get me unconfused..

any help greatly appreciated.

Server Setup
Setup Remote Access Key
Server Status
Service Status
Server Information
Account Functions
List Accounts
Terminate an Account
Upgrade / Downgrade an Account
ReArrange Accounts
View Bandwidth Usage
Suspend or Unsuspend an Account
List Suspended Accounts
Modify Suspended Account Page
Quota Modification
Password Modification
Disable or Enable Subdomains Per Account
List SubDomains
Change WHM Theme
Dns Functions
Park or Point a Domain
List Parked Domains
Add a DNS Zone
Edit an MX Entry
Delete a DNS Zone
Install FrontPage Web Extentions
Uninstall FrontPage Web Extentions
Install FrontPage Mail Extentions
Mail Troubleshooter
Cpanel 4
Reset a Shopping Cart
Synchronize FTP Passwords


Feb 20, 2002

1) There is no option for the host to stop you listing subdomains so if you don't see it in your WHM then you should probably send in a support ticket to your host telling them it doesn't work on your account.

You can only create new FTP accounts in CPanel. You have to use WHM to create new domain accounts.

2) You have more or less everything you need as a reseller apart from &Add an account&. Does your package with your host allow you to create accounts?