WHM and CPanel cannot be reached via https after Courier Conversion on VPS


Dec 19, 2003
On a Virtuozzo VPS running CentOS, I did the courier conversion and was unable to reach WHM or CPanel by https after the conversion. Got it fixed, but the problem comes back every time I upgrade WHM/CPanel now. The VPS is only used for a secondary nameserver and has an account on it to backup my dedicated server which runs RHEL3 and experienced no problems with the conversion.

Anyway, here's the problem on the VPS. Courier seems to provide it's own secure ports, where before stunnel was used to map the secure ports for imap and pop3 to the standard ports. For some reason, this mapping was left in the stunnel config and kept stunnel from working because the ports were already opened by courier. Stunnel is also responsible for mapping WHM/CPanel secure ports to the standard WHM/CPanel ports. To fix this, you have to SSH into the machine and comment out the imap and pop3 entries in the stunnel config, then start stunnel. When scripts/upcp is run on the VPS, it puts the bad entries back into the stunnel configs and you have to SSH in and fix it again.

I just thought I'd mention it since the only problems I found mentioned with the conversion seem to be partial mailbox conversions and webmail problems.

My dedicated server had no problems with the conversion, but it has only a few mailboxes on it and the users don't use webmail. I don't know why the stunnel problem only showed up on the VPS.

-- David Ball