Jul 14, 2011
Greetings all.

We are having major problems with our server caused by what I assume was a WHM auto update.

Suddenly all domains were offline and we lost access to their cpanels through root login on WHM. After a few hours with our support team we got the DNS server back up and running and now everything's ok with some domains but others are still unreachable.

The problem with the DNS server were some permissions in the /var/named directory and files wich were restored and the service restarted.

We have a few .pt domains and they all remain unreachable with "Server not found" errors although something strange is happening. One of the .pt domains is and although it gives the Server not found error, one of it's sub-domains / is working fine.

I really don't know what else to try and most of all I'm worried about not being able to access any cpanel for any account through root login on WHM.

Can anybody shed some light on this please? Issued a ticket with cpanel's contact form but nothing has changed so far.

Thank you in advance.

Jose Albernaz Senra


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Oct 2, 2010
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What were the results of this issue and the ticket that was opened? Could you provide the ticket number for reference?