WHM and local dnsbl's - will there be issues?


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Aug 18, 2011
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I like the RBL options I currently have, both those that come with CPanel/WHM and those I've added custom, but I'd like to run my own local one. My reasoning for it is simple and rather two-fold. First, a lot of mail that gets picked off as spam is from IP addresses that should be in an RBL and aren't. Second, those IP addresses that are in an RBL have usually made a habbit of hitting my server quite a few times before they get there. I can kill the emails on sight, since most of them get flagged as spam and Exim tosses them anyway. But I've been looking at a couple of solutions that allow me to run my own local blacklist and am wondering how practical doing so on a CPanel server would be. The hitch with this is the solutions I'm looking at require access to dynamicly update a DNS zone. Which is awesome, and perfect, and all that lovely junk. But not if CPanel will just walk all over those dynamic updates. So is this possible, as in at all, or will I be better served running it on a non-CPanel box?