WHM Backup Retention / Rotation


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Jul 13, 2009
I'd like to better understand the Backup Retention setting in Main>>Backup>>Configure Backup in WHM.

If I have a retention policy of weekly and monthly selected are backups retained indefinitely?
How do I adjust how many weekly/monthly backups are kept per account

Is it possible to manually remove individual backups without effecting any rotation policy cPanel have in place?

Background: I would like to remove some older backups to reduce the disk space they take up due to temp spikes in the accounts disk size from time to time


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Oct 2, 2010
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To answer your question, old accounts that no longer exist will not be removed by default by WHM's Backup area tool. Once data has been saved for an account, that account data is kept for the monthly and weekly backups. That is because we do not remove data. We only add / change existing data.

Any terminated account existing backup is going to remain due to that policy, since you might accidentally terminate an account and need that backup data to restore it. It would be a bad policy to remove old account data for that reason in our backup configuration setup.


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Jun 23, 2003
I find that daily and weekly backups of a site I need to restore, the daily and weekly have the same timestamp, and find that monthly is about one month old. Daily and weekly, the same, saved the accident they had in the site. We had to resort to the very old backup.

Is it normal to find daily and weekly be the same? Wouldn´t the normal thing be to have three different backups? I see I have daily backups scheduled tuesday and saturday. Maybe a different day selection would give me better results?

Sorry if the post is sort of the original thread, but subject seemed very appropriate.




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Mar 13, 2004
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On the day the weekly is made, it's copied from the current daily backup. I guess you just had the bad luck of wanting data on that day.

There are a number of solutions that increase the number of copies of rotated data (ie 3x weekly, 4x monthly etc) - see my sigs or link above for one.