WHM backups to Backblaze B2


Nov 29, 2007

Are there any plans to integrate Backblaze B2 to WHM as an additional remote backup destination, like Amazon S3?

Costs are much lower and reliability is pretty good, so it's becoming a really interesting option to consider.



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Feb 16, 2015
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I've been doing it with rclone on one of my servers, but only as a doomsday backup. I just copy the contents of the /backup directory every night. I also have the datacenter taking snapshots every night (in addition to whatever other backups they do), so the copies stored on Backblaze B2 are tertiary backups.

There's no cPanel integration doing it this way, of course, and I haven't tried to restore from one of the backups. I have a couple of obsolete accounts on that server that I could use as tests, but they're very, very small, so it wouldn't be a valid test. (The backup for the largest account on that server, on the other hand, weighs in at about 27 GB.) That being said, the copy process itself seems to be flawless. But I've never tested it by restoring from one of the backups.

Maybe I should copy a ton of crap into one of the dormant accounts to create a big backup file, change it a little every day, let it copy over to B2 every night, and try restoring it a few times. That would be an interesting experiment, but also an expensive one because B2 charges for downloads.

The download fees would also be something to consider in any cPanel implementation of Backblaze B2. It's a dirt-cheap place to stash data, but only if you never need to download it. If you have some idiot user who hoses his site and restores from backup every other day, it could start getting expensive. That's one of the reasons I prefer B2 as a doomsday backup destination for root rather than a user-accessible one for routine restores.

Otherwise I would try mounting B2 as a remote drive and saving the backups there as an additional destination, which would be a backdoor cPanel implementation, as it were. But then again, I've been told that the cPanel backup files are finicky things that can get broken in transit, so maybe that wouldn't be a great idea.