Feb 27, 2009
I've got a few queries regarding WHM that hopefully someone will be able to answer..

I understand that WHM resets the bandwidth limit on accounts once a month - is the date based on the date that the user's account was setup, or is it for example, the 1st of every month?

I've built our company an automated hosting system which manages the accounts using the WHM xmlapi. However, i've thought of a scenario and can't yet find a solution..

A customer orders hosting for 1 month on the 3rd of Feb. Unless they renew the hosting in advance it means it'll automatically be suspended by our system 1 month from then.. the 2nd of March. However, the user decides to wait a week and then pays for the renewal (on the 9th March)... the hosting unsuspends itself. What happens with the way WHM resets the bandwidth limit? Would it still be on the 3rd of the month or would it be the 9th of the month? If there isn't a way of changing the date (through the xmlapi), is there a way of turning off the bandwidth usage automatic reset and controlling it myself through the api?

Hope that made sense and that someone has an answer!


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Apr 7, 2006
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The bandwidth is reset at the beginning of the month. There is no way to change that.