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Jan 5, 2008
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Good Morning,

First of all, I do not know how to report bus to cPanel/WHM, thus I am using this forum. Please inform if I should post elsewhere.

The BUG:
WHM >> Main >> Software >> Update System Software
Transaction Summary
Install 6 Package(s)
Update 163 Package(s)
Remove 1 Package(s)

Total size: 155 M
Downloading Packages:
Running rpm_check_debug
Running Transaction Test
Finished Transaction Test

An then it freezes and do nothing more.

I checked on the console and yum update showed some lines more:

Transaction Check Error:
file /etc/aliases from install of setup-2.5.58-4.el5.noarch conflicts with file from package exim-4.69-15_cpanel_maildir.i386

Error Summary

Thus it was not frozen, but had concluded with error. But the WHM screen did not report anything, letting the user wondering what was happening