WHM changes site's IP on each logon


Apr 19, 2006
As of today I have a strange problem on my vps. When I login to whm I get the following message:

Setting up for ip change..... Done
Changed all instances of [xx.xx.xx.77] -> [xx.xx.xx.76] in domain.com.db
Updating httpd.conf....Done

Updating/Adding New Config Entries......Done
Bind reloading on vps using rndc

Account modified. New ip is: xx.xx.xx.76.

My main shared IP is xx.xx.xx.76, but my domain is assigned to xx.xx.xx.77. After I changed IP assignment in whm, the DNS zone gets completely messed up. WHM automatically changes both dns servers and the main server IP to xx.xx.xx.77, which is obviously wrong.

Does anybody know how to fix it?