WHM&cPanel Disk Used shows Incorrect Values


Feb 6, 2012
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator

I have a problem on my VPS with Disk Used space counting in WHM and cPanel.

For example user has disk quota 1000MB, but WHM counts 4967MB, which is not correct.
In cPanel i see that this 4GB is in Other Files.
First question is - How I can see this "other files" without finding them bymyself with find -u username, which utility cPanel uses to find this files and which utility it uses to count disk used by this "other files"? Its already three questions :).

Next. I have found that this is common problem.
I google it and found some solutions how to fix quotas:

- i try this - fixquotas
- this - resetquotas
- this - initquotas
- this - restart VPS
- this - restart host server
- this - quotacheck -avugm
- this - quotacheck -avugmf
- this - quotacheck -avugmfc
- this - tried to delete ~/.cpanel/datastore/quota_-v
- this - tried to delete /usr/local/apache/domlogs/[username]/*
- this - clean the /tmp/*
- this - fsck /

I don't have new ideas, some help will be very useful. Thanks in advance.

Hope you understand my bad english :).