Jul 11, 2012
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since i am new here, maybe it is a very simple question but, please bear with me :)

we have a rootserver from Hetzner, everything was fine, but we have a problem going on for 3 days.

although we did not change any login info (whm root login, our sites and their cpanels) we are unable to login our account(s). we tried resetting the server several times. and we did not succeed.

we opened a ticket to the hosting provider, they told us they did not give software support. but after that we were able to login for a limited time.

then we tried to login to open a new account from whm and, oops we are unable to login to our whm and our other accounts again.

Can anyone tell us why we are facing this problem? we did not upgrade anything like apache, cpanel versions and we did not make any modifications to our server.

we are using CentOS 6.2 + cPanel - only 64 bit as an operating system.
our cpanel version is
Server Version: Apache/2.2.22

now we tried to login again and we succeeded.
any kind of help will be appreciated



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May 20, 2003
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our cpanel version is
You're running cPanel EDGE. In your WHM:
WHM > Server Configuration > Update Preferences, under the EDGE Tier description it states this;

Has received little real-world testing. Features are subject to further modification. Usually lacks official public documentation. Published most frequently (up to several times per week). Due to the dynamic nature of EDGE builds, you should only use EDGE for compatibility and functionality testing in a controlled environment. This tier is not recommended for production servers.
If you're not well versed in dealing with overnight updates issues, you might want to consider moving to a more stable tier than EDGE.

If you're using Chrome Browser, this thread might be helpful:

we opened a ticket to the hosting provider, they told us they did not give software support.
They should provide you with assistance is they manage the server for you. Have you checked your logs for clues after you do get back in?


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Oct 2, 2010
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Could you also try shutting off WHM > cPHulk Brute Force Protection when you get access to WHM again? If your IP isn't whitelisted and someone keeps trying to brute force the user (root) for WHM or sshd, it will lock out root itself from logging in unless your IP has been whitelisted. We have quite a few people impacted by that happening.