Mar 14, 2006
I am hosting at Godaddy who doesn't offer support for WHM/Cpanel, normally this isn't an issue but I am having a problem with my new server through them and I need advice on if I can fix it myself or if this is something wrong on Godaddy's end.

My understanding of DNS is fairly mediocre, I know how it works, how to point things with it, setup mx entires or A entries. Last year I bought a 12 month virtual dedicated hosting plan from them for a business venture, it went south and I failed to ever utilize the account. I spent the last 12 months messing around with my server, I installed lots of scripts, played with sudo and now i get lots of httpd or cpsrvd on failed emails. Last month I decide to buy a new package for a new venture, I cannot take the chance of using my old server, as unreliable as it is thanks to my tinkering. I bought the plan, setup the new virtual dedicated account with the old domain (I have not touched the settings on the old server) and I hoped it would simply over-ride the old one and become my new host.

No luck. So now I have two servers each setup with the same domain, on the same hosts datacenter and with the same name server prefixes (, that are still routing to the old server. Now maybe I am just setting up the Name Servers incorrectly, maybe I have to do something at the new server that I did last year and I just forgot. I spent some time googling but I am not sure what its called and most of the articles are about Cnames or MX entries.

Can you help me? Do I need to talk to Godaddy and see if they can disable the old server? Is there anything I can do?

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to provide as much information as possible.


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Mar 3, 2006
If things are not pointing to your new box then yes, that would be a name server issue at your domain registrar. You need to check your domain and see if it is pointing to the new physical IP addresses. I assume since you are using godaddy for vps, you are using them as your registrar?

Anyway, just update the IP's at the registar to reflect the IP addresses of the new vps name servers and you should be good to go once it resolves.