WHM does not let me login on fresh install


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Mar 3, 2005

According to the cpanel documentation, the software should be ready to run as soon as the latest updates are installed:

Note: you should replace xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx with your actual IP address. Further to that, you will be prompted about a self signed SSL certificate; ignore this by clicking on "Yes". A self signed certificate is generated by cPanel/WHM to ensure a secure/encrypted communication with your server.

You will now be prompted with a few questions related to how you would like your installation of cPanel/WHM customized. You can walk through the wizard by clicking on "Next Step" or if you are an experienced user feel free to click on "Finish" to skip to the end.
However, when I go to https://my.ip.address:2087, I can receive the certificate, but a webprotect box pops up. Perhaps I am missing something, but I do not know how to login. According to the quote above, there should not be such a box.

any Ideas what this is and how to deal with it?