WHM Doesn't Recognize Second Disk


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Apr 1, 2007

I've been running this server for many months now without issue. The server has two disks and it creates accounts on both /home and /data by creating accounts on the disk with the most free space. This has been working well until recently.

Yesterday I tried to move an account on the /home partition to the /data partition but in the drop down list box where I should be able to pick the /data partition, it states something like "sorry, there is only one disk in this machine". Clearly this isn't true because it's been happily creating accounts on the second disk for a while now. I've also transferred accounts before without a problem and all of the accounts on the second disk are still functioning perfectly.

When I go in the 'Drives' option of WHM, it tells me that it cannot detect any new disks. The WHM Server Information shows both drives and everything from the OS side of the house looks right (df, mount, fdisk -l, etc).

So it appears that something has broken in WHM itself and it's lost whatever linkage it has to realize that it has this second drive.

Any ideas how I would go about troubleshooting this?