WHM Domain Forwarding is not working


Dec 21, 2020
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator

I am trying to follow the instructions in the page Setup/Edit Domain Forwarding | cPanel & WHM Documentation. So far so good but I need to clarify about one of the steps which is pointing the domain A record to the domain forwarder IP address.

What I wanted to do:
Redirect mywebsite.my to mydummywebsite.com.my

What I did:
1) I have registered both domains at the registrar.
2) I created an account in WHM for mydummywebsite.com.my domain. This is up and running normally.
3) Configured and filled up the form in WHM > Setup/Edit Domain Forwarding page. My redirect is entered as *.mywebsite.my to https://mydummywebsite.com.my
4) At the domain registrar, I pointed the mywebsite.my domain A record to the domain forwarder IP address. I didn't create this domain as an account in WHM.

My question:
Is the fourth step correct? Can I get by without creating an account in WHM for the domain I wanted to use as a redirect?

Thank you.