WHM: domain name adding itself to nameserver's name


Feb 24, 2004
I have registered my nameserver with my registrar and have a .com domain running ok on my new nameserver but cannot get a .ie domain to switch to the nameserver because the criteria are stricter.

Irish domains (.ie) verify the presence of a nameserver before they will switch over to your nameserver unlike .com's (you can give them any old broken DNS and they will still point at it).

Below you'll see that the nameserver is ok but the domain name is getting tacked onto the DNS when it checks for the account on the server.


instead of just:

"ns1.mynameserver.com" & "mywebsite.ie"

Does anybody know if/how I can change this in webhost manager or elsewhere? I'm looking at everything in the DNS zone edit panel but my nameserver is entered as "ns1.mynameserver.com".

OK: 10:30:13 UTC on Mon 22 Mar 2004
OK: Verifying zone mywebsite.ie.
OK: Starting verification from server NS1.MYNAMESERVER.COM
OK: Requesting NS list for zone mywebsite.ie. from NS1.MYNAMESERVER.COM
OK: Requesting SOA for zone mywebsite.ie. from server
OK: Querying server ns1.mynameserver.com.mywebsite.ie as
OK: Requesting SOA for zone mywebsite.ie. from server
OK: Querying server ns2.mynameserver.com.mywebsite.ie as
FATAL: No authoritative answers obtained
FATAL: Verification failed for zone mywebsite.ie.
FATAL: 10:30:18 GMT on Mon 22 Mar 2004

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Mar 23, 2002
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You say these are 'new' NSs. Do they propagate?
Can you type in NS1.domain.com and reach it? If so have you setup the domain.ie account?

Only after the above, would one try to Register the Domain name.