May 13, 2004
:) We love WHM but here are a few things thats misisng in WHM & you guys should add them in the next version of WHm because alot of hositng companys would love them;

1. A User registration,billing & support system so we don't need to go out and buy other scripts to setup a User registration,billing & support system on our hosting server.

2. A place in WHM where we can place a Header & Footer that will show on all member websites. The reaosn for this would be so we can place baner ads on member websites this could be used to offer free hositng with the option to pay to remove the banner adds, get more space, badwith and any other thing we would like to charge our members for. Withthis we could even add a link in the footer or header that says Hosted By OurCompnay (or anything like that). We know this can be done because their are User registration & billing system scripts out their that have the option to add baner adds to member websites & they work with CPanel. So we don't think it would be to hard for you guys to code that in the next version of WHM.:)
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Jun 15, 2002
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If you want new features then the way to suggest them is through bugzilla:

That said, billing is seen as outside of the remit of the control panel and best left to 3rd party apps of which there are numerous that hook into cPanel.

The second request has nothing to do with cPanel itself but can be achieved (to an extent) if you install the mod_layout apache module yourself.