WHM FTP Backup skips accounts and stopped working


Jun 19, 2006
I had a problem for months where WHM Backup would skip one account during backups. I use the FTP option and it had worked fine and stopped working without me changing anything. I put in a trouble ticket with the company I lease my server from and after months, someone from Cpanel fixed it. Now, I have the same problem again and before putting in another trouble ticket, I am hoping to be able to fix this problem on my own. Once again, it skips an account and sometimes it just crashes mid-way.

Logging into SSH as root, I put:

rm -rf /home/cpbackuptmp/cpbackup/daily

It freezes at "Copying homedir...." If I select it and then copy and hit enter, it continues on, but the backups are 0 megabytes.

This is the exact error I am seeing:

Grabbing mysql privs...Done
Leaving timeout safety mode
Copying mailman lists....Done
Copying mailman archives....Done
Copying homedir....

At this point it freezes. The backups did work for a month or two and the only thing I can think that I changed was going from proFTPd to pure-FTPd. And I even tried going back to proFTPd, but the backups still are not being performs. I hope someone can help me with this as I can't find any information with google.