WHM Hangs When Chaning Username for an Account


Jan 12, 2011

We're running CPanel/WHm version 11.28.64 on CenTOS 5.5

We needed to change a Username for an account and went to: - Account Functions > - Modify an Account
Selected the Account and entered a new Username. Clicked to Save the change.

1) The first time we did this everything went smoothly and the everything was moved and migrated.

2) We later had the need to change this Username once again and repetead the procedure .

This second time the procedure Halted/Locked up and did not finish (WHM seems to Lock up at the screen that says "Saving Account Settings" and shows a progress bar moving indefinitelly). We left it running for some time but then gave up and just restarted the server.

After restarting, we got this:
- 10 out of 14 SQL databases were migrated
- The Home folder was NOT migrated
- FTP access still seems to be working with the old username

We tried repeating the procedure after rebooting but the result is always the same (Lock up and the procedure won't finish).

We're now stuck with this partly migrated account.

Is there any logs we should look at to see what went wrong or a way to roll back the changes?



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Feb 25, 2010
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You should not need to reboot the server for an issue like this; Linux processes can normally be stopped by logging into the shell and using the kill command if needed, instead of rebooting the entire server.

Are any errors written to the cPanel error log while this is happening? Use tail -f to watch the log from the shell:

# tail -f /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log
Use Ctrl+C to stop the tail command.

Your description does not sound like any known common issue, so since you are able to duplicate it, I recommend that you submit a ticket so that we may log into your server and investigate this for you. It sounds like something is happening that is unique to your server's configuration and it will be hard to make any good recommendations without seeing it. Please post the ticket number so that we can follow up.


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Jul 21, 2004
Just FYI, our issue was that the username change did not update the /var/cpanel/databases/username.yaml file with the new db user details. I manually amended the .yaml file and restarted mysql & cpanel, that fixed our problem.


Jan 12, 2011

In our case it hung at some point migrating the MySQL Databases.

I don't completely recall how we fixed it in the end.
I'ts nice that some CPanel representative answered your post. We didn0t have that luck.

But for the future what I recommend you to do is a /scripts/pkgacct and package the account.
Next do a /scripts/restorepkg and pass the command line parameter to restore under a different user name (I don't recall which parameter it is).

We're doing a migration and an upgrade between two servers that have cpanel and these two command line utils pkgacct and restorepkg became my best friends very quickly.

There is also a nice Powerpoint/PDF presentation from Cpanel that explains very well account transfers and what these scripts do http://docs.cpanel.net/twiki/pub/Al...ources/TrainingSlides08/Account_Transfers.pdf