Feb 13, 2002
:p Ok, I have a few questions that I would appreciate if anybody could answer:

1. How do I stop resellers from being allowed to give out IP's. As of right now, I reserved them all, so they dont show up when resellers create a new account.

2. I want to limit a reseller account by space/bandwidth; however, when I do this they are not able to create more than what they are alloted. I want them to be able to create an account with more than what they were alloted, just as long as they dont USE more than what they were alloted.

Thanks in advance!



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Feb 8, 2002
Boston MA
Don't help him. He's a former customer of mine. He's a meanie cause he left us :p

Just playing with ya Charles :p

The only way to stop resellers from using IPs is to reserve them and then unreserve them when you want to use them.

As far as space and bandwidth you really can't do much as far as actual usage. The way the space/bandwidth in reseller center is setup is for alloted and not actual. I do beleive if we push Nick enough he will make one for actual usage. He already has the totals under View reseller usage. he would just need to write something to compare the alloted and the actual.