Nov 27, 2020
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Hi guys it's me again,
The "problem" this time is, we have a server with WHM, Cpanel, emails, etc. All these things work very well, and here we have a local internet server to control some connections and other things so we have one IP that communicates with the world, sometimes it changes, like once per month, when it happens WHM blocks our IP and then nobody can access the emails, sites (in this IP to be clear). It's easy to fix this, I just don't want to allow the IP in the ConfigServer Security & Firewall and it starts to work again. But I want to make this more practice, just don't have to change the IP by hand every time it changes. How can I do this? We have a script on the server, but I think it doesn't work very well. Searching about the ConfigServer Security & Firewall I found the csf.dyndns that I suppose is for to use the DNS and always accept connections from there, but I don't know how to used or if have an easier way to do this.
(Our local server has a DDNS so I can use it that keeps the name doesn't matter the IP change).

I don't know if my question is confusing, I'm sorry if it is.


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Mar 29, 2021
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1. Install DDNS setup Servers like NOIP on your WHM/cPanel for Hostname IP change on every time IP address changes.
2. Edit the file csf.dyndns and just enter the hostname in one line.
3. Edit CSF configuration, Enter DYNDNS=(Anuthing between 60 to 600) and DYNDNS_IGNORE="1"
4. Setup done, Now restart!