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Oct 25, 2004
i installed, then uninstalled a php module in apache last night on two servers. server1 is ok, but from whm on server2, there are 6 domains under list accounts that when i clickon is get this error:
the file "" is of type application application/x-httpd-php and netscape does not know how to handle a file of this type.

this file is located at

what should i do with this file, open with, save to disk, etc.
i can see the site via the ip link, just not from link as i could before. the 16 other sites on this server are fine. just these 6 and i don't know what to look for. comparing files/dirs/etc in ones that work vs not no visible difference in putty or file manager.

any other ideas or suggestions?

cpanel 9.9.9 -s15 whm v.3.1.1

thanks for any help before i just completely go insane.