WHM master&slave cluster troube


Sep 20, 2011
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WHM master&slave cluster trouble

My situation:
1 server: WHM 11.30.2 (build 1) - 10 DNS zones (pool 1)
2 server:WHM 11.30.3 (build 5) - 30 DNS zones (pool 2)

I need to do on server 2 slave DNS for pool 1 zones. Another task: server 1 must not see and configure pool 2.

1. configuring cluster on server 1. I added server 2 as "Synchronize changes"
2. configuring cluster on server 2. I added server 1 as "Standalone"

Next I run sync all on server 1. NO! zones from server 2 now in server 1!!! Why?

3. I deleted pool 2 zones from server 1. Now all ok: if i create zone in server 1 - it copied to server 2, not vice versa
BUT! if I try to list dns zone for editing in server1 I see all 40 zones from both pools! Why?

Server1:/var/named: only pool1 Server2:/var/named: both
in WHM list dns zones on server1 BOTH pools!
Help me please!
p.s. sorry for poor English
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Oct 2, 2010
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Any server added to a cluster will show the zones whether pushing the zones or not. We do not provide the ability at this point to not see the zones on other machines when a server is part of the cluster.