WHM Multiple Account Transfer, wrong password.


Dec 4, 2012
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Started transfer from old host to new host. I did not uncheck "Use Compression." Old host has space issues. TMP folder filled to 100% crippling live sites during the transfer process. I had to abort. I aborted by using a graceful reboot at old host.

I waited 4 hours then attempted to do transfer with no compression. I was thrown "Password Incorrect."

It is not incorrect! Nothing changed at old host. I can still directly login with the same id and pass through Putty. The IP of the new host is whitelisted in Hulk and Host Access. I double checked the blacklist to make sure it is not there.

Maybe the interrupted transfer created an issue?

How do I fix this?


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Feb 25, 2010
Houston, TX
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First, rebooting a server is not a very good way to stop a transfer. Linux can start and stop services very easily, unlike some other operating systems, so the only reasons to reboot a Linux server are if it is completely inaccessible, or for a kernel update. Anything else can be stopped using other methods, including if necessary the kill command. Unlike a Windows desktop system, a Linux system should never rebooted unless it is completely inaccessible or the kernel has been updated.

Where, exactly, are you seeing "Password Incorrect?" Is it from the page Home » Transfers » Copy Multiple Accounts/Packages From Another Server? You can try resetting the old server's root password by running this command as root:

# passwd
If both servers are accessible via SSH, please submit a ticket. We will not be able to do the actual account copy for you but we may be able to identify the problem so that you can proceed.