May 8, 2013
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Website Owner

I'm really new to Cpanel and to be honest a bit out my depth!! But I hope someone can help before I give up and fail!

I have a VPS hosting with 123reg.co.uk. I have 2 IP addresses. I managed to set up the primary one without any problems (god only knows how!). The second I want to have a shared IP with 2 domains. I managed to add the other IP without any problems but when I go to Add new account I get an message "Your nameserver setup in Basic cPanel/WHM Setup is invalid. Please enter at least two nameservers there before attempting to create an account." If I go to Basic cPanel/WHM Setup it shows that I do indeed have no named servers (123reg's set up guide didn't mention that bit! and their support isn't being helpful).

I really hope someone can help or nudge me in the right direction! I'm a bit stuck.

Many many thanks in advance!