WHM not limiting bandwidth of a reseller


Jul 18, 2002
Hey guys,

Have contacted cpanel support but they don't seem to have an answer on this:

I create resellers and give them a certain amount of space/bandwidth to create packages, etc.

So one of my resellers was given 2GB of space and 15GB of bandwidth per month.

I checked bandwidth usage a few weeks ago and one of the websites this reseller created had used 33GB of bandwidth! My question is how did this site exceed the total 15GB this reseller has? and furthermore once the bandwidth was checked by cpanel, why cpanel/whm did not put a &bandwidth exceeded& page on this resellers accounts?

I took a look at the site and the reseller it seems, had put &unlimited& bandwidth on this site by going to limit bandwidth. I tested this out and it seems a reseller can't create an unlimited package but he/she can later go and edit the bandwidth in WHM.

So this reseller was able to circumvent his alloted space by simply &limiting bandwidth& to unlimited on an account. I never gave this reseller the ability to create unlimited bandwidth on accounts.

Cpanel/WHM should limit the bandwidth to the users allotted bandwidth (i.e. 15GB) regardless of what the user does (like put unlimited or whatever).

So just a note to beware of this problem. Unless someone out there has some solution?

The only solution I see is not allowing edit packages and limit bandwidth options to resellers.