WHM Packages Showing up with Resellers! Help!


Jul 18, 2002
I have a question and want to know if its just how Cpanel is designed.

When I create packages in my WHM my resellers can see these packages in their WHM. When a reseller creates a package in their WHM it shows up in my WHM. How do I fix this?

All I wanted is for resellers to have an alloted space/bandwidth in which they can create accounts.

I have clicked this in reseller privileges and I haven't allowed creation of any of my packages...so how come it shows up in theirs?

Not a major deal but wondering if there is a fix for this.



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Aug 31, 2002

;) Actually, it will only display the packages available to that reseller. If you edit the reseller using your WHM (root), you can specify how many of each account type they can resell. Just set the packages you don't want them to resell to &0.&

If you really want them to have an unlimited number of sub accounts, just use very high numbers for the ones that they're allowed to resell. This allows you to create reseller sub-class packages, which are only offered to resellers (and resellers don't see the other packages).

I'm just wondering if there's a way to set default privileges for a reseller... or even create &Reseller Packages,& so that when you give a user reseller privileges, it gives them default WHM privileges (to add accounts, etc.). Any answers?

Russell Weiss